Info & Rates

For headshot sessions, I work with my partner Canedy Knowles. She's been working in the industry as an actor, coach/teacher and director for almost 15 years, and has a keen eye for what matters in a headshot and what looks are right for what type of roles.

The deal

Our standard rate for head shots is $400. What you get for that:

  • Styling advice from Canedy.
  • At least two different looks, more if we can fit it into the three hours you're with us.
  • A private, online gallery to review all your shots and from which you can select up to ten pictures. Your selection of up to ten pictures will be sent to you in full resolution, color- and light-balanced, with basic touch-ups. This minimizes your time and money spent at a printing service.
  • We keep an archive of all your shots indefinitely, so you can always contact us for new picks.

If you'd like Canedy to take care of your hair and makeup for the shoot, it's an additional $50 (for a total of $450). You can also bring your own makeup professional if you prefer.

The drill

Want to shoot with us? Great! Here's how we usually do this:

  • Contact us sooner rather than later. We don't have that many slots available and may not be able to accommodate you on short notice. Once we've nailed down a date and time, Canedy will get in touch with you to talk about the looks you're going for and help you select the wardrobe to bring.
  • As the day of the shoot draws nearer, we'll keep an eye on the weather forecast: since we exclusively shoot outside there is always a small chance that we may need to re-schedule.
  • We will both be at the shoot: Canedy for styling and Ale for the actual photography. We'll also help you find your groove in front of the camera - we know very well how hard that can be.
  • After we've completed the shoot we'll need about a week to edit the series of photos and get them online for your review. Once you've made your final picks, we'll need another few days to a week to get those to you.